Cyber Security Readiness

Cybersecurity vademecum for SMEs

We are pleased to share the “Vademecum on Cybersecurity for SMEs,” presented at the Cyber 4.0 Forum at La Sapienza University in Rome. This valuable document is an important contribution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) wishing to approach the complex universe of cybersecurity.

Forum 4.0 at the Aula Magna La Sapienza, Rome
From left: Martina Castiglioni, Leonardo Querzoni, Fausto Bianchi and Lorenzo Benigni

The “SME Focus” organized in collaboration with Unindustria featured the participation of the President of the Cybersecurity Technical Group, Lorenzo Benigni, and the President of the Small Industry Committee, Fausto Bianchi, both of whom were key players in the presentation of this essential tool.

The Vademecum is the result of the collaboration between the Cyber 4.0 Competence Center and Unindustria’s Cybersecurity Technical Group, representing a clear commitment to providing SMEs with practical and targeted support to address cybersecurity challenges.

You can find the document attached to this message ready to guide SMEs through effective approaches and appropriate strategies to ensure information security. We hope this Vademecum will become an essential tool for businesses wishing to protect their data and systems in the increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape.

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