Cyber Security Readiness

Implementing a Cybersecurity Program in Your Organization: Standards, Certifications, and Risk Management

Implementing a Cybersecurity Program in Your Organization: Standards, Certifications, and Risk Management

This is the topic of the second webinar in the 2023-2024 training program for the “PMI and Cyber Security Readiness” project – January 25, 2024 at 3:00 PM

The webinar “Implementing a cybersecurity program in your organization: Standards, Certifications, and Risk Management” will be held on Thursday, January 25, at 3:00 PM, and is the second appointment of the cycle of webinars for the 2023-2024 training program for the “PMI and Cyber Security Readiness” project, born from the collaboration between the Cyber Security Technical Group and the Information Technology Section of Unindustria, in collaboration with the Cyber 4.0 Competence Center and with the sponsorship and collaboration of the National Cybersecurity Agency.

The training program, promoted by Unindustria and Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici and sponsored by ACN, includes subsequent thematic meetings and useful insights available to companies and territories.

This second webinar will explore the steps that every company is called upon to take to implement a cybersecurity program and will focus on the tools that accredited certification provides to companies for data protection.

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  • Introduction to the CSR project – Cyber Security Readiness
  • Cybersecurity: the scenario in Italy
  • Security standards and frameworks: ISO 27001, ISO22301, CNSP, etc.
  • Assessing risks and determining appropriate countermeasures
  • Organizational models: CISO, DPO, CISO As-as-Service

Introduction to general security domains

  • Trends and risks
  • Threats to organizations
  • Why standardize security approaches

Introduction to general risk management

  • General risk management approach
  • Definitions
  • Risk management frameworks

Introduction to the National Cybersecurity Strategy – Security certifications

  • Approach and usefulness of certifications
  • Certifications and compliance

Implementing a management system

  • Reference standards in Cybersecurity NIST, FNCS, ENISA, ISO, etc.
  • Systems for IT and Security Management
  • The priorities and opportunities of certification processes
  • Organizational models for security management
  • Models for the delivery of cybersecurity services

Practical use cases – How to for SMEs

  • Practical examples of cybersecurity management for SMEs
  • Practical use case N.1 – ISO27001, ISO22301 certification, etc.
  • Practical use case N.2 – Prevention of a ransomware attack
  • Practical use case N.3 – Registration of a service to the ACN Cloud Marketplace
  • Practical use case N.4 – Compliance with NIS2/DORA/GDPR regulations
  • Practical use case N.5 – Organize cybersecurity training for SMEs

In all, there are six stages in the 2023-2024 webinar training program, each of which will explore a topical and connected topic to cybersecurity: from certification to the level of adequacy of third-party security; from increasingly flexible cooperation and working models to organizational models to protection techniques; to the tools of accredited certification for data protection; to future scenarios and what Europe asks organizations to protect their information …


21 November 2023 – Launch workshop

Scheduled in-depth sessions

  • Dec. 6 – Supply Chain Security: challenges and opportunities for SMEs
  • Jan. 25 – Implementing a Cybersecurity Program in Your Organization: Standards, Certifications and Risk Management
  • March 26 – The IT/EU Cybersecurity Context. The market and opportunities for companies on ICT product certification;
  • April 22 – Vulnerabilities and Cyber Threats: Cyber Attacks and How to Defend Yourself; and
  • May 23 – New Technologies Risks and Opportunities for Business: AI, Wearable, Quantum, Robotics
  • June 20 – CYBER PILLS for SMEs.
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